“20 Questions” with photographer, Jered Scott

October 9, 2012


Jered Scott is one pretty rad photographer. He has taken the most amazing photos of some of my favorite people. Some of few who I have interviewed, such as Mike Herrera of MXPX and Ethan Luck of Relient K! I was super psyched when he said yes to my silly interview! So sit down, relax and prepare yourself for awesomeness….because this is “20 Questions” with Jered Scott.


Name: Jered Scott

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA

Current Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Website(s) www.severalguys.com



1. When did you first fall in love with photography?

When I was 19 I borrowed a friends camera at a show our friends were playing. When I got the photos back a week later, and showed them to the band, they loved them so much they put em’ in their album layout. That got me excited about taking photos.


2. What is your favorite photo that you have ever taken? Why?

I have a few. I think picking a favorite photo is hard, like asking a musician to pick their favorite song they’ve written, or a comedian, their favorite joke. My favorites at the moment are, Relient K in the woods. It was the first time I shot them, and it was super chill and easy. The photo isn’t perfect or even that crazy, but there is just something I love in the pose and colors. I have a shot of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance live at Madison Square Garden that I’m pumped on. And this live shot of Bayside on stage at bamboozle a few years back.

3. What would be your dream job?

Besides what I’m already doing, haha? It’d probably be awesome to do something in the world of comedy. I love to laugh. I’m not necessarily that funny though, so maybe I could be someone’s manager.


4. Who do you admire most in the world of photography?

Not sure I admire anyone, but there are people I’m definitely thankful are shooting. Jeff Newsom. Ethan Luck. Andy Barron. Megan Thompson. Angi Welsch. Kevin Russ. Bobby Russell. Jon Weiner. Dave Hill. Luke Sharrett. These people are usually getting me stoked.


5. What projects are you currently working on?

Well I’m working on getting this business “Several Guys” off the ground with my friends. We have this media company we’re getting off the ground doing photo, video, music, art and more for whatever. Working in music, commercial, and the wedding world. Other than that, I’ve got a project with MxPx that’s been in the works for some time, soon to be released.


6. What is the best part of being a photographer?

Relationships. I’ve been truly blessed to have opportunities to befriend most of my “clients” whom I now call friends. It’s really awesome to be able to give them stuff that helps them remember these times in their lives.


7. What is the worst part of being a photographer?

Self doubt. Being an independent, its easy to get down on myself and my work. Definitely something I struggle with, and am constantly working to get better at.


8. What other passions do you have in life?

I love spending time with people. I’ve enjoyed being involved in missions work, and non-profit work. I hope to turn my photo career more into photo service as I get older.


9. If you could photograph anything/ or anyone who would it be and why?

There are 2 people I’ve always wanted to shoot because I think it would just be an awesome time. Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Grohl. Those dudes seem really legit, and I think I’d have the chance to get some really funny images. Band wise, I’d love to shoot Foo Fighters, The Living End and The Avett Brothers.


10. What advice do you have for anyone interested in making a career of photography?

Its hard. Haha. But I look at it like being a professional athlete. You get in to it because you love it, because it is who you are. But remember, its a game. Its fun. And whatever industry you get in to, spend time learning about it, investing in it and try to be sure you aren’t negatively impacting it. What you do affects other professionals, for good and bad.


(begin silliness)


11. What is the weirdest “photography” moment so far in your life?

I shot my friends band Sherwood at a college campus show where Kayne West performed, so they all posed together. And one time Miley Cyrus was sitting on some steps behind me and tapped me on the shoulder and said “I love your camera.” Awkward.


12. Top 5 favorite bands?

MxPx. Smoking Popes. Foo Fighters. Ben Folds. The Avett Brothers.


13. What would be the theme song for you life an this moment in time?

Forget and Not Slow Down by Relient K.


14. If you were mentioned in the tabloids what would it say about you?

Jered Scott…he watches too much Seinfeld and eats too much Pizza.


15. If a movie was made about your life, who would play the role as you?

A lot of my band friends say I look exactly like Aaron Eckhart, so maybe it would be about my life, in the future?


16. What type of film would it be? (funny, drama….)

Is boring a category?


17. Do you have any strange talents? If so what are they? If you don’t, what talent to you wish that you had?

I can watch re-runs of Seinfeld for infinite amounts of time.


18. Where is your favorite place in the world?

Cinque Terre, Italy.


19. Name your biggest guilty pleasure!

I have a few Michelle Branch songs on my ipod.


20. What makes you come alive?

Earnest dialogues about Jesus