The Legend of the “Blue Weenie”

April 14, 2016

Moo Moo Head Fuzzy Butt.

The Legend of the “Blue Weenie”


This is a story a pup named Moo Moo. Well…. her full given name is Maggie Mae Moo Moo Head Fuzzy Butt.

She left this world this week at the age of 13, yet she will never ever be forgotten.

(This will not be about the pain she endured at the end of her life YET a celebration that is the one and only Moo Moo.)

This is her legendary life story.

In 2003, her momma (that would be ME) and her grandpa drove to a far off town to pick her out of a litter of puppies that they had heard about in the newspaper. When we arrived, we found a box full of wiggly pups…and one little one the corner who seemed shy. There was something about her cute little speckled paws that drew me to her. When I picked up her tiny little puppy self, she in her own way hugged me. I knew at that moment she was to be mine!



On the drive home I tried to think of a name for her……this this song came on…..

Thank you Rod Stewart for playing on the radio at the moment.

That’s how she became Maggie Mae! (spelled with an ‘E’ in memory of my grandmother)  Over the years as she grew, so did her name, and as silly as a name it was it totally fit her amazing personality.

 I remember the first night with her, I was so excited to have her snuggle with me while I slept, yet she decided she wanted to sleep at the end of the bed under the covers. I of course assumed she must not have liked me. Man, was I wrong! Moo Moo was such a little lover. Over the years she grew into her own personality, that I had never seen with any other dog. She was so sweet. Sometimes she would snarl at her brother and sisters, Rocky, Hazel and Missy….but that’s what siblings do! So nothing out of the ordinary there! She would also get annoyed with her cousins Jasper and Hana and her step sister Zooey Beans at times, but they knew that she loved them still!!  Everyone in town LOVED Moo Moo. She enjoyed to take rides and would bark at all the deer she would see, which is a ton back in Texas. She would even bark for bacon at the local café, where her grandpa would bring her a treat when she would holler out the window of the car. She really enjoyed checking out the menu at the local Sonic hoping there would be dog friendly treats on it.  Everyone in town always knew Maggie was around the neighborhood due to the barking in the distance. She loved life!

IMG_2755 IMG_2757

I want to share my favorite memories of Maggie Mae with you. Although of course I have shared a few above already, I have some other favorites I want to write about.

The reason we nicknamed her “Blue Weenie” is because the ad in the paper said that she was a weenie dog. Yet as she grew we realized that she was for sure a mix breed. We found out she was mixed with a blue heeler….hence….the world gained a “Blue Weenie”

Christmas time was the best with Maggie. Every year we would put the tree up and she would get so excited!!! She knew that meant she would get presents soon! After the tree was put up she would sleep under it and protect the gifts until Christmas Day when she would get to open her presents. Not once did she open her gifts early, but man did she guard them! Over the past few Christmas’ she received more gifts than the humans did! It’s like she shared her birthday with Jesus himself. She was a happy happy mutt during the holidays, laying under that tree by the fire. Sometimes if the couch was close to the tree she would sit as close as she could to the tree to protect her treasures!

IMG_2767 IMG_2764


Easter Sunday was also another favorite of Maggies! She and the Easter Bunny were best pals!

IMG_2762 IMG_2765 IMG_2763

One time we noticed she kept going into the closet for very long periods of time. She would come out to eat dinner….but then back in the closet she would go! Since we found this strange behavior we went to see what was going on. What we discovered was that she had went into some sort of maternal mode and was acting as if a SHOE was her baby. A SHOE! My dad’s shoe to be exact. We sat with her and made her feel safe and that we “understood” and then took the shoe to see what she would do. We put it in another room and almost instantly she went and got it and went right back to the closet! My dad was without his shoe for a little bit, then she let it go. This also happened once with a rubber ducky. We were a little concerned for her mental health, we called the vet and he said that sometimes female dogs do this when they don’t have puppies of their own, and that she would outgrow it. So we let her and her rubber ducky and shoe babies have their time together.

The little lady LOVED snacks! I have never seen a dog who would get so pumped for snack time! On her birthday or Christmas, the snack basket would be left out in the open for her to pick out her favorite snack. Most of the time she would go hide it. I remember finding a TORTILLA in the couch! Oh, Moo Moo! My dad would bring home rib bones for her to chew on and randomly I would find them in my bed. EWWW! As a vegetarian I was not a fan of her hiding ribs in my bed. However it would make her so happy to know she had treats hidden around the house!

Maggie loved to sun bathe her belly or hangout in the sun on the swing!


You could find her many times out in the grass rolling around scratching her back and laying out to get her summer tan. It was adorable to see how cute she looked just out there all alone rolling around having a blast!


She would come in the house covered in grass, leaves and dirt so she paid the price and had to take the dreaded bath!



When I moved to California, I felt the best decision was to leave her with grandparents and brother and sister. She’s a country girl at heart and she never would of liked this city livin’ at all. How boring for her. No yard to roll around in. No deer to bark at. No fun at all!

Besides…she’s a Spurs fan! Not an L.A. Fakers fan!


 My mom would put me on speaker phone and I would get to talk to Maggie! It was awesome! I would say “Hi Moo Moo!” and she would just bark and bark and wag her tail! When I would go home to visit she would wait at the door for me when they would ask her, “Where’s Momma?” She would run to the door and just wait for me. I always looked forward to seeing her cute face in the door window as I drove up that drive way. What a welcome!

One of my all time favorite memories was when she was sitting on my dad’s lap while he watched TV. He noticed she was licking his jeans. That’s odd. Nope…. it get’s weirder! She ate a hole in them while HE WAS WEARING THEM! I had never seen anything like that in my life. Such a silly pup!

I loved sending her new collars and sweaters in the mail! She has worn pink sparkly collars, OH, so fancy! She was buried in her favorite pink camouflage collar (which was more her style) and her soft red sweater that I send her a couple months back.  I hope she felt my love for her when she would get mail from me. I always worried she thought I had forgotten her, yet every time I would visit home it was if I had never left, which warmed my heart.



From time to time I would get mail from Maggie herself and it would just make my life better! She sent the sweetest notes…



Something that is pretty neat is that I  have the main photo of her above tattooed on my arm! The original photo is her dressed as a cow for Halloween. Yet she loved to wear that cow outfit on regular days too! I mean she is Maggie MOO MOO! Why the heck not wear it?! She wore it with pride and look so dang adorable!!

IMG_2707 (2)

She will forever be with me in my heart AND on my arm.

She rocked a few other outfits…yet that cow outfit suited her perfectly!


There are so many other memories of her! I could go on forever! I am sure you understand from the mentioned ones that she was a one of a kind doggie who was loved so much and will be missed dearly.

I want to thank my family for taking such GREAT care of her. I couldn’t of asked for more loving care for her sweet life. Leaving her with them in Texas was the right choice. Maggie loved them so much! She loved her visits from Jeff, Julie and Vickie so much. She also cared very much for the neighbors who would come to visit her as well. She made a new pal in Bubba, who fell in love with her as well.  I know that they are hurting just as I am, yet I want them to know how amazing they are for letting Maggie live such a wonderful life. She was spoiled rotten and loved every moment of it! I will forever be thankful for y’all.

I am one of those people who believes that God loves our pets and that Maggie is indeed in heaven. Right now I bet she is laying in the heavenly sun tanning her belly! After she is done with that, she will go play with our pets that have gone before us! There will be so many toys and snacks! I picture her up there chewing all the hair off any tennis ball she can find. (That was another funny quirky thing she loved to do!)  And since it’s heaven the tennis balls,  joy and happiness will be endless! I am sure that my grandma, Mae, my Uncle John and my Papa Gould will find her right away and snuggle her and rub her belly! They loved dogs so much! The visual in my mind of them all together warms my heart.


Maggie, I will miss you so very much. In what will seem like no time at to you, we will be reunited in heaven and we will have a blast! You can introduce me to your new friends and we will go lay in the heavenly sunshine together! I bet there is even a Christmas tree farm there just for you! You can lay under those trees year round and be surrounded by endless gifts for you to open anytime you want!

“And when I get to heaven, I’ll tell you what I’ll do
I’m gonna get my horn and call ol’ Moo Moo
Yeah, Maggie Moo, yeah, Maggie Moo”- Willie Nelson (revised)

You stole my heart, and that’s what really hurts.” – Rod Stewart

You were truly a gift from God in my life and I know in many others lives as well.

Rest in peace, sweet girl.



Until we meet again,

I love you,

Your Momma

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  • Mark Kellems April 16, 2016 at 5:36 am

    Moo-Moo. We didn’t know each other well but you are so so loved. Today, I celebrate YOU! You’re amazing life and all these beautiful memories. You lived life you didn’t sit on the couch and watch it pass you by. You jumped and danced through it! You loved your momma and your momma loves you! You’ve hopped to that place where you are sure to be free. I happy for you. We sure do miss you and love you. <3 <3 <3

    • Christie Gee April 16, 2016 at 5:44 am

      Thank you for that. Love you so much! And I know Moo Moo did too! <3