Ten Questions with Matthew Pryor of The Get Up Kids

September 14, 2015
 The Get Up Kids have been on a constant on my list of music and will continue to be. Matthew Pryor, in my opinion is one of the greatest when it comes to songwriting. His other projects, The New Amsterdams and his solo albums rank just as high as any Get Up Kids album. This is the second interview I have had the honor of doing with him. Such a fun guy! The band is on a 20th Anniversary tour across the country right now and I know that the fans are so dang pumped! He took some time from his busy schedule to answer ten questions about this tour and the past 2o years. I hope you enjoy!

Start Here:

Q: It’s been 20 Years! That’s amazing! How does it feel doing such amazing reunion tour? What are you looking forward to the most?

A: It’s good. This first leg is a little long but the shows are going well. Have a good time with the guys.


Q: Do you still remember what the very first Get Up Kids show was like? Where was it? How many people were in that crowd?

A: It was at a guy named Pat “the head’s” house in the basement. Shift and Texas Is The Reason were supposed to play but their van broken down, so we got up and played the four or five songs we had written.


 Q: What is something has never changed within the band over the last 20 years?

A: We all make fun of Jim.


Q: I imagine that being in a band with your friends is pretty awesome. What is your favorite memory you have with your bandmates?


A: Probably the first time we played Fuji Rock in Japan. We were jet lagged as shit and had a great show at sunset in front of a mountain.

Q: What are your top three favorite songs?


Q: Of ours?

1. Dark Night Of The Soul
2. Tommy Gentle
3. How You’re Bound


Q: What would you say your favorite song lyric is that you have written? Does it have a special meaning to you?

A: I don’t have a favorite. They all are very personal.


Q: The band has been on some amazing tours with some very talented bands. What is your all time favorite tour?


A: Probably our first tour with Braid. It was all brand new and an adventure. So much fun.


Q: I know that the Get Up Kids fan base is one of the best group of folks! Do you have a favorite fan moment that stands out to you?

A: Not really. We’re just really grateful for them.


Q: What is something that you learned from the last 20 years with the band that you will carry with you for the next 20 years?

A: Don’t fuck with people too bad when they are hungover.


Q: What is next for The Get Up Kids?

A: Just touring.


Thank you again, Matt for taking time to do this little interview. YOU= great.
And thanks to all the readers for your support! Thanks for reading! Share with your friends and go listen to a Get Up Kids album!

XOXO, Christie Gee