20 Questions with Matt Pryor

March 24, 2015

The Get Up Kids have been one of my favorite bands since the 90’s. I must admit that the first time I ever listened to them was when a cute boy told me that I should give them a listen. Me, being the silly 18 year old girl that I was, took everything that this cute boy told me to heart. I don’t know where that boy is today….but I do know that this band, still, after all these years melts my heart and blows my mind. That is why I am so thrilled to be sharing this interview with you all. Matt Pryor is hands down one of the best lyricists and musicians I have ever had the joy of listening to AND watching live. After reading this interview you will also know that he is a very witty and silly soul. I will stop my ramblings now and let you read this amazing interview with the man himself.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, “2o Questions” with Matthew Pryor.

Name: Matt Pryor
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Current Location: Lawrence, KS
Website(s) ntwha.com

1. When did you first know that you had fallen in love with music?

Not sure, when I was really little.

2. Top 5 favorite albums?
Richard Buckner “Since”
Fugazi “In On The Kill Taker”
Steve Earle “El Corazon”
The Pixies “Doolittle”
Jawbreaker “24 Hour Revenge Therapy”

3. When did you attend your first concert and who was it? Do you remember the way it made you feel?

L.A. Guns, Dangerous Toys & Tora Tora.  I was in fifth grade and it was awesome.  I was kind of glam metal head early on.

4.  Who would you consider your biggest musical influence (hero)?
Ian Mackaye & Steve Earle

5. The Get Up Kids, New Amsterdam and your solo project can always, without a doubt, be found on my playlist. If you had to choose a favorite song, which would you choose and why? What is your favorite lyric from that song?

I can’t pick a favorite song but I’ve always liked the line “you only disappoint the ones who don’t believe” from “Hannah Hold On”

6. What band has been your favorite to tour with over the years? Any bands you hope to tour with in the future?

Always love the Braid guys.  Touring solo with Conley is always fun too.

7. So far in your music career, what would you consider you most favorite memory?

Hmmmmmmm… Convincing Superchunk to tour with us.

8. What was your inspiration for ‘Stay On The Phone?” (Question by J.D. Mathison)
It’s about my life at the time, I was touring non-stop and only getting to talk to my wife on pay phones (back when there were such things).

9. After all these years, how do you view “Something To Write Home About?” (Question by J.D. Mathison who also mentioned that he and his friend Preston, who passed away, connected with it and that they could transcend the city limits and the BS of the small Texas town that he grew up in. He also mentioned that you Pryor is his hero and a musical genius in his eyes.)

I’m very proud of that record.  Something about it really seems to connect with people.  Sorry to hear about his friend.

10. What can we expect next from TGUK, New Amsterdams and/or your solo project?
Looks like TGUK might go to Japan this year, I’m writing and recording a new solo record this summer.  New Ams just put out their last record this year called “Outroduction”.

(begin silliness)


11. If you were the headlining topic of a tabloid magazine, what would you like it to say about you?

Pryor’s pretty happy and content in life.  We should just leave him alone.

12. If Hollywood made a movie based on your life, who would you like to see play the part of you? What genre of movie would it be?

Jon Stewart.  A comedy.

13. What would you consider the best “fan story?”

Probably being in a wind tunnel.  That’s a pretty big fan.

14. If you had the chance to live WITHIN a movie or book (costume & storyline), which movie/book would you choose? Why?

I wanna go for a ride in the TARDIS and borrow some of Matt Smith’s bow ties.

15. If you were able to acquire a super power, which power would you choose and what would you do with that power?

The ability to control my children.

16. What is one trend in music and/or fashion that you would like to see disappear? 

I don’t know.  I live under a rock.

17. If you could pick a song to be the soundtrack to your life at this moment, which song would you choose? And why?

Currently it’s “Some Nights” by Fun. because my kids listen to it non stop.  It’s a good song, and I’m friends with some of that band but I’m fucking sick to death of it right now.

18.  If you had never ever picked up an instrument, or decided to sing, what do you believe you would of done with your life?


19. Do you have a guilty pleasure? If so, what would it be?

Doctor Who

20. What makes you come alive?

Oxygen … Duh.

Thank you Matt for taking the time to be a part of “20 Questions.” You are amazing and I can’t wait to hear all the amazing new music you have and will create.

To all you readers, don’t forget to check out Matt’s website AND listen to his rad podcast!


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