“20 Questions” with Jeffrey Turner of SAY ANYTHING

August 7, 2012
I live in a very small world. I say this because I was at work one afternoon serving coffee and pancakes and a couple of boys wandered in to eat. They looked just alike and very familiar to me. After a while of trying to guess on my own I finally was like “I know you from somewhere! Where is it? Have a waited on you before?” I was then informed that they were from Atlanta, GA. I thought to myself…”I know of some amazing people in Atlanta…maybe they are friends of theirs?” That wasn’t it. Finally they admitted to being in a little band called Say Anything. Their names were Jake and Jeff Turner.  I felt like a dork. DUH, Christie. I was happy to learn that they were moving to the area. After bonding over banana pancakes I asked Jeff  if he wouldn’t mind being interviewed by me, and he kindly said YES and I am thrilled to share it with you now! Enjoy!!!
Name: Jeff Turner
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Current Location: Long Beach, CA


1. How long have you been playing music? 

16 years



2. What instruments do you enjoy playing most?

The Drums came first but the Guitar is proving to be a worthy opponent.


3. Besides Say Anything which bands have you been a part of?

In chronological order: The Delinquents, Parkside View, The North and South, Safety In Numbers, XO, Hot Rod Circuit, Say Anything, They’re Ghouls.


4. What are your “top 5” favorite albums?

1. My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

2. The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

3. The Beatles – Let It Be

4. Red House Painters – Red House Painters (Rollercoaster)

5. The Misfits – Static Age


5. If you could be in ANY other band at any time in history who would you choose and why?

The Beatles during Rubber Soul/Revolver. They were fully inspired to break the boundaries of their then “current” sound and I admire that.


6. What are the best and worst parts of being in a full time traveling band?

Best – Playing music on stage.

Worst – Not being able to work in a studio.


7. What city is your most favorite to play in?

Boston has always been great.


8. What would you say your most favorite “fan” experience would be? Or maybe even the craziest?

Meeting fans of XO is always special, especially when you forget people even know what it is. Say Anything has many interesting fans in the world and their stories are far to wide to cover here. I’ve signed peoples bodies and they’ve gotten it tattooed. As amazing as that is in theory, it’s a crazy concept to me.



9.  Does Say Anything have any upcoming projects?

Yes, we have at least the next 2 years planned out. Max is very creative with his delivery of a product and the more involved the rest of us get, the more it will grow.


10. What advice would you give to any aspiring musicians?

Practice your instrument every day. Pick the one you connect with the most and play it. Practice by writing songs, practice with friends, practice because that’s how you get better at it. You are not aspiring if you are creating.


(begin random/silly-ness)

11. Do you play any practical jokes on tour? If so what is the best to date?

I like to put on Phil Collins and Billy Ocean songs in the front lounge of the bus right before we play some times. It usually starts an awkward dance party between the 6 of us.


12. What would we find you doing when you are not playing music?

I moved to California recently, so I spend a lot of time at the beach looking at the ocean. I work on my first short film, Zombie Skateboarders From Hell. I read a lot; mostly music autobiographies and H.P. Lovecraft. I draw for at least an hour a day. I like iced coffee. I have a girlfriend that I am often thinking about, so if I am staring off into space that could be the reason.


13. If you were on the front page of the tabloids, what would it say about you?

“Man Captures First Underwater Photo Of The Loch Ness Monster!”



14. If a movie was made based on your life, who would you like to play the part of you?

A cat. I would want all of the actors to be real cats with overdubbed mouths.


15. What would you say is your biggest guilty pleasure?



16. What is your favorite food/drink combo?

Pancakes and orange juice


17. If you stumbled upon a time machine, what time would you use it to travel to and why?

1920’s France, a very romantic and wild time.


18. Which song would describe your life at this moment?

I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times – The Beach Boys


19. What is one thing you never leave the house without?

A guitar pick.



20. What makes you come alive?



Making music.


Everyone be sure and check out Say Anything’s newest Album and upcoming tour!!!