Top Ten Podcast Episodes Of 2020

What a fun year of podcasting! I made some amazing new friends in 2020 and it was such an honor to have them on my show along with some long time friends as well! Here are the Top 10 Most Streamed Episodes Of 2020!

#1-Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional ( photo by Joe Ortega)
#2- Jay Bakker
#3 & #5- Chris Conley of Saves The Day

#4- Kevin Devine (photo by Stephen Payne)
#6- Tom Wisniewski of MXPX (photo by Jered Photo)
#7- Steve Choi of RX Bandits & The Sounds Of Animals Fighting ( photo by Porter McKnight)
#8- Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids
#9- Kris Roe of The Ataris
#10- Joe Ortega- photographer

I also had some other amazing chats this year! Including ones with:

  • Ep. 07- My Chat With Jayme Foxx- Model & TV Host
  • Ep. 10- My Chat With Mike & Josh of Huntingtons
  • Ep. 11- This Is Us. The Story Of Christie & Mark
  • Ep. 12- My Chat With Jameson Ketchum- Podcast Host & Author
  • Ep. 13- My Chat With Tom Wisniewski of MXPX
  • Ep. 14- Jay Bakker Returns!
  • Ep. 17- My Chat With Jeff The Girl of Five Iron Frenzy
  • Ep. 18- A Conversation About Equality With Lloyd Vines
  • Ep. 19- A Conversation About Equality With Keldine Hull & Orlando Deral
  • Ep. 22- My Chat With Phil of HE Creative
  • Ep. 23- My Chat With Bassist Josh Moreau 
  • Ep. 24- My Chat With Warren Franklin 
  • Ep. 25- My Chat With Tom Mullen of Washed Up Emo

I want to thank everyone who listened from the bottom of my heart! It means so much! Can’t wait for 2021 to bring even more fun episodes!

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