The Songs Behind The Story.

Music plays a big part in my creative process. This is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I can get inspired by the wonderful memories that these songs bring back. Sometimes when I hear them I feel as if I am taken back in time. It’s like my own little time machine. I can be driving down the 405 in rush hour traffic but I can also be back in the 90’s, back on that first date, the time I met him at a wedding, the long walk we took thought his neighborhood, the summers spent at the river, the time he sang that song for me, the letters we exchanged, the long phone calls at night when we both needed to be up early the next day, those calls from the road and the times where he told me I was special and I felt that it was true. For these same reasons the music can also be a reminder of times that I never want to relive again. Sometimes I will be having a great day and all of a sudden a song comes on and the anxiety and sadness pops it’s ugly face back into my life. The time when he moved away, the day when I found out he wasn’t who he said he was, the times when I went from being special to ignored like he never knew me, the time where things went too far, the time I found out I wasn’t the only one and the times where I became a terrible version of myself. The odd thing about these songs is that even when they are reminders of tough times they are equally if not more inspiring to write my story. ‘Millie Jo & The Somebodies She Used To Know’ is extreamly influenced by the songs in my life. Although Millie Jo is fictional, the story is heavily based on reality. Those wonderful moments I was lucky enough to share are as important as what I learned from the tragic times. I am thankful for both.

When I am writing I have 6 separate playlist that represent certain characters and who they are inspired by. Those 6 playlist consist as of right now of 489 songs. 489 songs that reminds me of great times, terrible times and also songs of hope. These 6 playlist are my personal little gems but I made two public playlist that you can follow. Millie’s story will feature many of these songs. Some you may never read about in the story, but they are an important part of her story.

There is one via Spotify and one via iTunes for your listening pleasure. They are almost exactly the same with a few tiny differences due to the fact that iTunes doesn’t have a couple of the songs. I personally listen to the Spotify one more because it has all the songs I listen to when I write. I enjoy the iTunes as well because it is more user friendly for most people.

I hope that you enjoy these playlist that will always be growing and changing. If you have been following my story I want to thank you! If you are new to this journey of mine I welcome you! You can find the soundtrack via Spotify & Apple!

*photo taken from the music video ‘Coupleskate’ by Joe Christmas*