The Christie Gee Podcast- now streaming

Well, with it’s quirky imperfections, I finally did the dang thing, y’all! The Christie Gee Podcast is now officially steaming via Apple, Spotify & Simplecast.

I have been talking about doing this podcast for so long, but my anxieties and a computer crashin’ fiasco slowed down that process a bit.

The first episode, ‘Teenage Politics & The Origin Story of Christie Gee’ is out now for you to hopefully enjoy!

I talk about my story and where I came from, including topics such as:

Growing up in a very small Texas town and how I made it to Los Angeles.

What moments in time got me to this very place, ranging from navigating my way through life in a Pentecostal church (and eventually growing into thinking outside of it’s box), a first love, and an introduction to a band that changed the way I saw so many things. These events snowballed into an engagement that eventually was broken off the moving to Los Angeles to follow love again.

Since moving here I have experienced so much, made some mistakes along the way and discovered that I was stronger in the end then I believed I could be.

I talk about my adventures in the music industry as I interviewed and interacted with musicians and also my thoughts on mental health, anxiety, etc.

I dont want to give away all the goodies.

As the podcast grows I have plans to interview some amazing people again! Let’s have some fun!

Go have a listen! I am very inspired by music through it all, so I have included a playlist that will continue to grow with the podcast episode by episode. They can too be found via Apple & Spotify! Links to all of this are in the menu bar!

Thank you all so much for your support and love!

Let me know your thoughts, subscribe, rate, review and share with your friends!

Love, Gee