‘Stranger Things’ Moments That You Can Totally Relate To.

July 12, 2017

In a few short months we FINALLY get to see the 2nd season of Stranger Things. I have been thinking about this show a lot lately and I am so friggin pumped. Although this show is kinda creepy and dark, it has some very profound and sometimes humourous  moments. 

This post will just be full of gifs to reflect on. I truly believe that we can say..”yep…been there” or “totally relate” to 90% of these! 







How do you relate to these? I am curious of any speak to any of y’all. Feel free to be funny if that is the case…..I personally think of Christmas lights being in a ball of knots when I see a certain gif up there! HA!



Christie Gee- Kellems



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