‘The Christie Gee Podcast’

The Christie Gee Podcast’ is now streaming!! I am excited to share it with y’all!

  • Ep. 01-Teenage Politics & The Origin Story Of Christie Gee
  • Ep. 02- The One After The Emmys
  • Ep. 03- (e)motion Sickness
  • Ep. 04- My Chat With Ethan Luck of Relient K, Supertones, Dingees, Kings Of Leon, Etc.
  • Ep. 05- My Chat With Joe Ortega -Photographer
  • Ep. 06- My Chat With Jered Scott – Photographer
  • Ep. 07- My Chat With Jayme Foxx- Model & TV Host
  • Ep. 08- My Chat With Jay Bakker- Pastor, Author & Activist
  • Ep. 09- My Chat With Steve Choi Of RX Bandits
  • Ep. 10- My Chat With Mike & Josh of Huntingtons
  • Ep. 11- This Is Us. The Story Of Christie & Mark
  • Ep. 12- My Chat With Jameson Ketchum- Podcast Host & Author
  • Ep. 13- My Chat With Tom Wisniewski of MXPX
  • Ep. 14- Jay Bakker Returns!
  • Ep. 15- My Chat With Chris Conley Of Saves The Day
  • Ep. 16- My Chat With Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids
  • Ep. 17- My Chat With Jeff The Girl of Five Iron Frenzy
  • Ep. 18- A Conversation About Equality With Lloyd Vines
  • Ep. 19- A Conversation About Equality With Keldine Hull & Orlando Deral
  • Ep. 20- Chris Conley Of Saves The Day Returns!
  • Ep. 21- My Chat With Kevin Devine
  • Ep. 22- My Chat With Phil of HE Creative
  • Ep. 23- My Chat With Bassist Josh Moreau
  • Ep. 24- My Chat With Warren Franklin
  • Ep. 25- My Chat With Tom Mullen of Washed Up Emo
  • Ep. 26- My Chat With Joe Ortega- photographer (2nd episode)
  • Ep. 27- My Chat With Kris Roe ( The Ataris)
  • Ep. 28- My Chat With Chris Carrabba Of Dashboard Confessional
  • Ep. 29- My Chat With Rusty Pistachio Of H2O
  • Ep. 30- Jay Bakker Returns To Discuss ‘The Eyes Of Tammy Faye’
  • Ep. 31- Q&A With Christie Gee
  • Ep. 32- My Chat With Dave Elkins Of MAE
  • Ep. 33- My Chat With Actor/Writer Michael Hitchcock
  • Ep. 34- My Chat With Gwen Stefani *wink wink*
  • Ep. 35- My Chat With Sherri DuPree-Bemis of Eisley & Perma

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