If 90’s Movie Quotes Were Motivational Posters

It is a scientific fact that the 90’s were the greatest decade ever known to man kind. And you can’t argue with science. Duh. With that being said, I will also mention that some of the greatest movies were made in the 90’s. Within those films, you can find some of the most profound words of wisdom. I am here to share a few of those great words with you. Ladies and Gents, I give you….


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Song: Waiting For Somebody (on the Singles soundtrack)

Artist: Paul Westerberg



This is from the classic movie, Clueless. At this point in the movie Cher realizes that her new crush, Christian may not be exactly what she hoped he was. She felt like such a bone head. But she ended up understanding that even though they indeed shared some differences that they could have an amazing and loving friendship that would last for a long time. SO…if you like Cher happen to be a little more “ensembly challenged” than someone else or any other challenge that you may face,  you still have something amazing to offer another person. IMG_0616

This is taken from the movie, That Thing You Do. This is a timeless tale of a band who burst into stardom, only to realize that they are sadly “one hit wonders.” Sad right? Actually, that is not the worst thing. Mr. Guy Patterson, drummer and complete gentleman leads the quartet into fame. Although it was short winded, he had fun, enjoyed every single moment and (spoiler alert) gets the girl in the end. Lesson here…..live life, enjoy every moment, be a leader and never forget your sunglasses. They are your trademark. ;)IMG_0617

This too is taken from That Thing You Do. At this moment in the movie, Guy Patterson is meeting his music idol and fellow drummer, Del Paxton. He is so overcome with excitement that Guy informs Mr. Paxton that he, the world famous drummer is the biggest fan of Guy Patterson….the not so famous drummer. Oops. Yet, it’s ok! We learn two lessons here. (1) If you meet your most favorite celebrity and totally act like a dork, that it will be fine. In fact, it is endearing. (2) If you meet your most favorite celebrity and totally spaz…and that celebrity doesn’t laugh in your face and prove himself to be a jerk, than you also WIN, because you have excellent taste in those who you admire. Good job, YOU!

IMG_0618Another one of my ultimate favorite movies is Empire Records. If you have not seen this 1995 cult classic you are missing out. So watch it already. This quote is from a moment in the movie when the independently owned record store, is facing the fact that they may be taken over by mega corporation Music Town. The staff is totally bummed. Mark, my favorite character and the slacker of the team says something very wise. He knows that even though things are in a bit of an uproar…they mustn’t dwell….especially on the day when a famous “has been,” Rex Manning is in the store signing autographs for older ladies who loved him in the days of their youth. Although Manning is a bit of a turd, him being there makes this day somewhat special. What can we learn from this? Find something in everyday to be positive about. Try to focus on the good and dwell less!




This quote is also from Empire Records. In this scene, Lucas, the “screw up” of the day is surprisingly chill after losing all the store’s money in Atlantic City. As he is acting a little too cavalier, he is asked by AJ, “What is with you today?” He replies with, “What’s with TODAY, today?” What can we learn about this? Some days are just not going to make any sense at all. We have all had them. What do you do with days like this? You can do two things….(1) wig out…or (2) just go with the flow. It’s your choice on how you deal with these wild days. Kick that day’s butt. m22

This quote, although not necessarily “wise” it can still  help anyone out. In the movie Dazed And Confused a group of guy pals are ready for summer fun to begin! But they have a lingering school authority on their case about getting their priorities together for the next school year.  They decided to not let “the man” get them down and enjoy their summer. What can we learn from this? In life you will always have someone raining on your parade. Even though these people may not be malicious in their words and actions, it can still be a bummer. You can decide to let it all bum you out of you can brush it off and have an amazing time in whatever it is you decide to do with your life.




Have you ever wanted something, or had a goal you wanted to accomplish? Wayne Campbell totally gets you. In the movie Wayne’s World, Wayne had his eye on two things. A Fender guitar and Cassandra, the mega babe bass player. He always gave himself these pep talks. When he would see that guitar that he could not afford in the window of the music store, he would say..”It will be mine. OH, yes….it will be mine.” And when he first laid eyes on Cassandra at a club while she was slaying that bass guitar, he of course said, “SHE will be mine. Oh, yes SHE will be mine.” What can we learn from this? When you want something and or have a dream, remind yourself that you can have it. You must know that Wayne didn’t just acquire these things by talking about it. He worked hard on his cable access show to eventually make enough money to purchase that dream guitar. And he pursued Cassandra and worked to get to know her. Before ya know it, he and “Babraham Lincoln” were a couple. So, with some amazing pep talks and a little hard work, you too can have what you want.

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In the movie SINGLES, Steve Dunn was mega crushing on Linda Powell. Steve and Linda had a whirlwind romance but after an unfortunate incident, they went their separate ways. Steve did NOT take this well. He was miserable. After drunken nights out and lying in his own filth all alone in his apartment, he decided to make a decision.  He shows up at Linda’s door. She opens her door to find him standing there saying, “I was just NOWHERE near your neighborhood.” One of the best lines I have ever heard in any movie. What can we learn from this? If you want something bad enough, you must be willing to go out of your way, or even your comfort zone at times. It worked for Steve and Linda, and it could work for you too!!!!


I hope that all this wisdom helps you in life. Also…if you haven’t seen these movies listed….I seriously suggest you do so. It will improve your life. Pinky  swear.


Thanks for reading! See you so so soon!


Christie Gee


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