How Living In L.A. Is Like The Movie ‘Mean Girls’

I have been in L.A. for almost 10 years. And for the first 5 years I pretty much hated it. It didn’t feel like home to me and I never felt like I fit in with any one group. I compare my life in L.A. to that of the movie ‘Mean Girls’ quite a bit and for some time have wanted to write about it. In this scenario I would be Cady Heron. Like her I would always have my name spelled or pronounced wrong. It’s CHRISTIE…not ChristINE or ChristY! That has nothing to do with Los Angeles….but geez. Ok…now that I have that off my chest….let’s move on. Like Cady, I came from a “foreign land” aka Bandera, Texas which is so unlike Los Angeles, therefor no one really couldn’t relate to me. And I in return could not relate to them. Luckily I made a few great friends. They are still my friends still to this day, but I did my own version of the “cafeteria map” to help explain how I see L.A.

**This list does not discriminate against, race, religion or sexual orientation***


Kardashian wannabes: OH MY GOODNESS there are so many of these gals walking around with their “un-natural” (waist training is bad for you, ladies!) hourglass figures, booties and makeup that is so flawless, I want to hide under a rock because I am just now kind of  understanding eyeliner. I in no way am saying that these gals are bad people, it just seems that in L.A. if you look anything like the Kardashian gals you get attention that I am sure they are searching for. I don’t understand this world at all. I get wanting to be pretty and admired, but it makes me sad to see girls copying others instead of being their beautiful selves.


Fashionistas: In Los Angeles, fashion is a pretty big deal. When I first moved here I was still wearing boot cut jeans, which now I understand is not flattering to my figure. I thought skinny jeans were weird until I learned that they are indeed GLORIOUS! That said, I live near the Grove. When I go there I see so many people dresses so so pretty…in the middle of the day…for no reason other than they know fashion and can rock it! What is great about L.A. is that there are so many different types of styles. If you go into the Silverlake area you can find the cute hipster girls with their Peterpan collars and little dresses and flats. In the Beverly Hills area you find the people who rock high end fashion like nobody’s business. Two of the doctors I see are off Rodeo Dr. and I felt like a silly girl in my favorite Mickey Mouse Sweater. But no one bothered me. It was fine. I have actually learned to appreciate fashion after working at a high end store called Traffic in Beverly Hills. It’s like when Cady learns to dress with the Plastics. Luckily I didn’t learn from a few mean girls, but from 5 years of working in that industry. I think I fit more into the “silver lake” category, but I appreciate other styles as well.


REALLY rich kids: Los Angeles is full of Regina Georges and Gretchen Wieners. These are the girls  and guys who were born into money. Some are amazingly sweet, yet most are what you would expect them to be. I have met some Reginas and Gretchens along the way that have ZERO sense of reality. They have no clue what it’s like to work to pay the bills, not depend on parents for money, etc. I am hoping like the ending of Mean Girls that they will eventually see the reality of life and become aware of how the majority of the world works.


Hipsters who are cool for school: These are the ones who somewhat go with the previous category. They are the “high end” hipsters who look homeless but spent $500 on their shoes. These are the ones who shop Whole Foods and are “butt faces” to the cashiers. (I see this all the time…) These are the non fun hipsters who drive fancy cars and go to Coachella and take photos the ENTIRE time instead of enjoying the music they paid $800 to see. This I will never understand.

Hipsters who smell and really should take a shower: I feel like this is where hipsterness sorta began. Ya know that whole game called “homeless or hipster?” These folks are usually really great but are kinda smelly. Maybe they are “saving water” or something but…..eww. These are the less common of the hipsters but they are out there!

Hipsters who are cute and loving: These are my favorites! These are the local coffee shop goers, the farmer’s market shoppers, the small shop loving and adorable parents with the cutest dressed kiddos in the world. They are minimalist who are loving, caring and they don’t care what they wear or if it’s “in style.” They do what they want and look amazing doing it. They are usually the first to come to your need when you need help, and are usually talking about non-profits. I adore them.

The “go-getters”- Like the hipster category above, you will usually find these people in this group. These are the people who go after their dreams with full force. When I think of this group my mind automatically goes to Sarah Dubbeldam, creator of Darling Magazine. When I first met Sarah she was a model and one of the sweetest girls I had ever met. She still is that sweet girl who has turned her dream into a reality, creating a magazine that empowers women. She is such an inspiration! That is one amazing part of Los Angeles is that this city is full of dreamers!

People who shop at the Whole Foods on 3rd & Fairfax: Oh, Lord have mercy on the people of this parking lot. EVERY single time I go there I feel like this monster inside of me wants to come out and just go wild due to the fact that MANY of these folks do not understand how parking lots work. It’s as if they wake up and make a plan to go drive the wrong way in the parking lot and then honk and yell at others who are driving correctly! I was once yelled at in the store and accused of almost running someone over in my RED car. I politely said to this “lovely” lady that I drive a white Prius and she just looked me up and down and walked away. This type of thing happens about 85% of the time at this particular store. It’s bazaar. I just want to hug all the workers there, because the shoppers……well……they need to learn to behave. I am not the only one who feels this way about this particular store. MANY people know exactly what I mean. The store itself is great….but the shoppers it attracts is just fascinating and infuriating at the same time.

People who failed driving school apparently: Like the parking lot above the streets of Los Angeles are filled with people who are some of the worst drivers ever. Again….it may be the area of town I live in, but oh em gee….it’s so bad. So many people not paying attention, running red lights, talking on their phones, honking and yelling. People in BMWs yelling and honking at me for not making a right turn on a red when there are children crossing the street! What do they want me to do? Makes me crazy.


Bloggers: HEY! I know this category well! Have met so many bloggers! It’s fun to chat with others about their blogs! So many different kinds, and themes! I have learned from them, have been inspired by them and it’s wonderful to read what others have to say. I still am figuring this whole blog thing out. It’s been almost 7 years and I think I am finally finding my groove. Yikes. That is ok though. Everyone has their speed and that is ok!

Writers, Actors, etc.: If you listen into any conversation surrounding you at any place in L.A. you will most likely hear people talking about their scripts, auditions, etc. It’s so common that it’s as if it’s weird if someone is NOT talking about it in this city! I love to know that these people are going for it! You go guys and gals!

The Insta-famous: These are the people with the 863,589,327,598 Instagram followers that it’s ridiculous. Every now and then I run into these accounts and it’s someone who has 10,000 photos of JUST their face and they somehow have over 1 million followers??!?  I just don’t get it. I also feel like the amount of followers changes people to a certain degree. Even if just a tiny bit, there is a change that happens. I am not saying that having lots of followers is bad, especially those who are promoting their careers, blogs, etc. It is just that some people have followers because they are beautiful or even those who I feel degrade themselves to get attention & that makes me so sad. These accounts are full of BOYS…who should be acting like men and women who dress….ummm……like…well…you get the picture. I am sure that deep down this group of folks have beautiful hearts and they may seek attention for reason I don’t know. But yeah….the Insta-famous. That’s a big group.

SERVERS (waiting for their big break): I love this group! I have worked as a waitress for years and it’s amazing now living in L.A. to see people who moved out here to pursue their big break, while waiting tables! At one of my favorite spots in town I once signed my credit card receipt with a pen that had the servers website on it. GENIUS! ( I should get pens for my blog….hmmm….) Anyhow….L.A. is full of these hard working folks! And I hope they get their big break!

The greatest people you will ever meet: I have met some beautiful souls out here! I have a handful of friends that I consider close and I am so very thankful. I am also running into amazing shop owners, writers, producers, servers, bloggers, models, tv host, comedians, movie stars, rockstars who are the enigmas of their industries! I also love love the people from Mosaic. And the few I have stayed in touch from Reality LA. When I feel alone in this big big city, I just remind myself that they are out there and it makes things just feel right again.

The worst people you will ever meet: These folks are the opposite of the category above. These are the “too cool for school” people. The ones who you used to be close to, but then were like…”bye bye.” The ones who (yes this is true) drive Lambourginis and spit on homeless people. The list goes on and on. Thank goodness for the “greatest people you will ever meet” because if they didn’t exist this city would at times be unbearable.


In conclusion, the “cafeteria map” of my version of Los Angeles is very diverse, but I am still so happy to call it home now. Everyone here has hope. And everyone has moments where they are weak. Yet like the Plastics in Mean Girls, in the end everyone can be the best version of themselves. I also believe this city is full of greatness more than it is anything else.

love ya


Christie Gee-Kellems



  • Reply Mark August 17, 2016 at 10:42 am

    Ha ha true true. Anything means girls.

    • Reply Christie Gee August 20, 2016 at 4:01 am

      If I could post the Liz Lemon eye roll I so totally would! ;)

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  • Reply Cardia November 6, 2016 at 10:23 am

    So pretty much L.A. is full of hipsters? Eh explains why I hate it haha!

    • Reply Christie Gee November 7, 2016 at 1:14 am

      I would say that YES there are a ton of hipsters. BUT if it weren’t for those hipsters we wouldn’t have indie coffee shops, record stores, a ton of healthy eating spots. I am very thankful for those hipsters for that! :)

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