Buzzzzzzzzin’ (my newest hair journey)

July 18, 2017

It will come to no shock at all to those who know me and or have been reading over the last year, but I sort of have this thing where I change my hair more than most ladies change their nail polish. I have been told that I get this from my grandma, Mae. She actually colored her hair so much to the point that she wore a wig to my parents wedding, due to the fact that it was so fried! I am not a stranger to hair that could pass as straw. A few years back I had AMAZING hair. The longest, healthiest hair I have ever had in my life. Long story short (no pun intended)….it ended up fried and I have since then been a little afraid of going to get it colored at a salon and spending the money so I have been DIY-in’ it up! This is of course not the best idea….because I was back to being a straw head. So this past week I took the plunge and buzzed my head. I have to admit I am still in a bit of shock…but the act of buzzing my own hair was pretty liberating! I now know what Deb in Empire Records was feeling when she her hair as well.

I did a little bit of thinking before and a lot more after I chopped my locks and these are the conclusions that I have come up with.

You live once, so take that jump every now and again!

It’s ok if people don’t like they way your hair looks. You did it for YOU, not them!

It won’t be the first or even last time that I would be considered a…..

Maybe I am bit weird….but that is ok. I don’t think it’s bad. I would consider myself more on the quirky side than weird. I may even look a little tougher now…and if that is the case then consider me the…..



I am a sensitive soul and I will have to turn the dial up on my strength and remember that

from the world.  That is a hard thing for me to process at times, so I hope that this makes me stronger and proud of who I am.  I am still a girly girl who loves peterman collars, shiny shoes, bright lipstick, dresses and cute handbags!

A few gals who inspired me to not be afraid are: (yes…some are a little longer than buzz haircuts…but mine will get there!)

Mia Farrow

Emma Watson

Katy Perry

Michelle Williams

Agyness Deyn


Natalie Portman


Sure these ladies may have had to cut their hair short/buzz their hair for their careers however they rocked it like the boss babes that they are! I also found so many ladies who had done the same because they truly wanted to and they looked so cute!

I am kinda looking forward to seeing what my natural hair color (there are quite a few grays in there) looks like as this grows out!



Christie Gee-Kellems




  • Reply Amy Kane July 19, 2017 at 9:48 am

    You make me want to shave it all off!

    • Reply Christie Gee July 19, 2017 at 9:54 am

      DO It!!!! You don’t need your real hair anymore! I gave you those extensions for Foley! ;) It’s really liberating! <3
      Thank you for being so supportive of me! Folks like you are a dime a dozen! <3

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