Dallas Clayton Is Magical And Wants You To Know You Are As Well! (An Interview)

May 19, 2017

This year started so wild didn’t it? The world is a really scary, messy place and I can’t think of more consistently positive voice that fills my instal-feed than Dallas Clayton. Dallas isn’t just an artist, I think, he is a voice of hope and positivity. I was so excited he was up for having a quick chat with yours truly! Read the short interview below and follow his creations and join the conversation he seems to be having with the world. I think it’s an important one!!

It’s very well known that you are a lover off all things colorful, optimistic and fun! When did you decide that this was something you wanted to pursue in your life?

After the birth of my son I realized I wanted to create things that I believed would benefit him artistically, socially, philosophically. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the darkness of life, it’s a much more powerful stance to try to tell the world the things you wish the world would tell your child. “Keep going, you’re loved, maybe this is all a dream.”

People can spot your art all over Los Angeles and other cities! How do you choose where you place your drawings?

I just let the world choose. People ask, and if the stars align, I show up. Then we paint!

Do you have a favorite location that you have had the chance to paint one of your famous murals?

Every piece is different, for the most part they are about the experience for me rather than the finished product. Painting with people I’ve never met in places I’ve never been is always a recipe for magic.

 Although your art is quite unique I often wonder where artists get their inspiration from. Do you have a favorite artist that you admire who inspires your art?

I appreciate anyone who is trying to make something to make the world better. Those who want to share because it is the thing they have burning inside. Doesn’t matter the medium.

My favorite of all your character is Lily the unicorn! She has such cute videos on Amazon Kids (YouTube). Do you see a full length feature for her or any of your other amazing characters?

Anything’s possible. When you make things for kids everyone knows that they can become TV shows or movies or all sorts of products, the trick is asking yourself if they actually need to be. Society seems to really value brands and expansion and global recognition and iconography, I’m not sure how much those things motivate me. I think I’ll wait for the characters to tell me if and when they need to grow.

***For the record I have a tattoo of Lily that is one of my all time favorite tattoos that my pal Yanni Vera did***

You now know MY favorite character. Do you have a favorite as well? If so, which and why?

I think I like words more than characters. Ideas and intentions are where I get lost, the characters to me are just conduits.

 You seem to use a ton of both chalk AND paint! What do you love most about the two? How do you choose which to use for your art?

I like immediacy. Sometimes it’s tough waiting for paint to dry before applying a new layer. It doesn’t matter what you write it with, it just matters what you’re saying.

You pour so much time into the lives of children. What would you say is the biggest lesson that children have taught you?

Try not to hurt someone’s feelings on purpose because they hurt yours on accident.

What is something you believe adults are lacking that children could teach us?

It’s not about lacking, it’s about abundance. Too many rules, too many conditions, too many self-imposed structures. Those things can bleed the life out of you.

 What is next in the life of Dallas? Any fun new projects/books etc. on the horizon?

Just put out a shoe line with Vans, touring, painting things, sharing with people, trying to put my feet in the ocean as often as possible.

I want to thank Dallas for taking time from his busy, colorful and totally inspiring life to interview with me! You’re such a treasure and a beaming ray of color in the world! That makes you most awesome human rainbow! 

Stay at it, sir. You are a treasure! I will repeat back to you what you once wrote to me….

To all ya’ll readers, if you don’t know about Dallas you MUST go check out all the amazing things he is doing! 

Dallas Clayton’s Website



Christie Gee-Kellems

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